Adventures in placenta prints 

I have been experimenting with Tree of Life placenta prints lately. I love art like crazy, so adding various mediums to placenta prints is really appealing to me. First I tried just straight up paint, and painted on roots, branches, and a little heart. I really love the way this one turned out. 

The next placenta I played with, I used chalks. I decided to add some colour for the tree, and then use a little paint for the branches. 

Another medium option for my placenta art is watercolours. I use watercolour crayons and then go over the colours with water. In this option, and really any of the options, the colour combinations will be completely in the clients hands. Maybe a rainbow tree? 

Of course there is always the traditional placenta print with nothing added. 

When you are booking placenta encapsulation services, please let me know if you’d like a print done a specific way. I am happy to add anything that I have already done, or try something completely new! 


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