What’s with the new name?


Today is the re-launching of Offbeat Doula! (formerly known as Earthy Birthy Doula)

I know many people will wonder why I have decided to completely rebrand, so here is a little explanation.

When I first started the Earthy Birthy Doula blog, it was not meant to be my business name. It was initially just meant as my personal blog, and I thought the name was super cute and rhyme-y. And if you know me (which maybe you don’t), I love super cute and rhyme-y. But here is what happened. When it came time to make business cards, I couldn’t think of a business name, so I just went with the name I had already been using for years personally. Yes, that happened. I chose Earthy Birthy Doula as my business name because I literally could not think of anything else.

A couple months ago I went to an advanced business training workshop, and they spoke quite a bit about personal and business branding. This really got me thinking. I am Earthy Birthy, yes, for sure, but I am also so much more. I think when people picture Earthy Birthy Doula, they likely envision someone with flowers in her long wavy hair, wearing a long flowing dress, dancing with her eyes closed, and waving around a peace sign. Maybe? Maybe not. I can’t read minds (contrary to some’s belief). Well, that is simply not me. While I am most certainly a hippie at heart, I don’t like being pigeonholed in to any one stereotype. Hence, Offbeat Doula was born.

Andi2I consider myself to be a little unconventional, and quite different than what most people picture when they think of “Earthy Birthy”, or even “Doula” for that matter. I have an unconventionally large family, I am inclusive, I play roller derby, and I love tattoos and bright coloured hair. I am a feminist, and I am pretty academic. I bring so much more to the table than just knowledge about birth. I bring experience. I bring the sort of experience that took me many years to attain. I bring empathy and understanding. And above all, I bring a badass confidence and know how that cannot be adequately explained in this blog post. But trust me, it’s there.

So I think that sums it up. Yes, I am most certainly part Earthy Birthy (that will never change), but I am definitely 100% Offbeat (in a good way). 😉

In celebration of my re-launch, I will be posting two rad giveaways for you!

Stayed glued to the Offbeat Doula Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss your chance to enter.



Babywearing for Doulas

I wear many hats in life. I am a doula, a placenta encapsulator, a mom, a roller derby player, and a babywearing educator. I have been teaching babywearing from the time I initially taught myself how to do it nearly a decade ago, and I am still heavily involved with the local babywearing group.

I am excited to announce a new and improved workshop that I have designed specifically with doulas in mind. Babywearing for Doulas! The workshop is 3 hours long and covers everything you will need to know to help your clients confidently and safely wear their small baby(ies). The workshop has also been approved by DONA International for 3 credit hours. That means if you’re working towards recertification, these CEUs count towards that.

Here are some things that you will learn in the workshop:

  • the benefits of babywearing
  • how to size carriers for various body types
  • appropriate carries for newborns
  • how to safely wear a premature baby
  • communication skills
  • hands on teaching practice

The first local class that I will be offering is on December 1st here in Calgary.


If you are a doula, and you would like to book this workshop for your local doula group, please contact me for more information.