Placenta Encapsulation FAQ

  1. How long have you been encapsulating placentas?
    • Over 5 years
  2. What process do you use to encapsulate placentas?
    • I usually encapsulate using the TCM method of draining the blood, steaming with herbs for natural preservation and warming properties, dehydrating, then grinding for encapsulation. I also utilize the raw method of preparation, which eliminates the steaming step. Most clients request the TCM method, but if you are a raw foodist, or if you’re interested in the raw method, I am happy to help.
  3. Have you taken the Bloodborne pathogen training in accordance with OSHA?
    • I initially took the Bloodborne pathogen training course at The Farm in 2010, and have been updating it yearly.
  4. What training specific to placenta encapsulation have you taken?
    • I took the Placenta Encapsulator training through Placenta Benefits. My knowledge of placenta encapsulation comes from my PBi training, extensive research of medical and scientific based studies, reading, and of course information sharing with fellow encapsulators and women much more experienced than myself in the field. I strongly believe that knowledge passed down from wise women is essential when it comes to any sort of birth work.
  5. Where will you be encapsulating my placenta?
    • I will be encapsulating your placenta in my home. When it comes to encapsulating placentas, I ensure that the environment is sterilized and free from all contaminants. I use disposable items when possible (like cutting mat, dehydrator mat, apron, gloves of course), and everything else is sterile. All reusable tools are sterilized between every placenta.
  6. Do you have vegetable based caps available? (if you’re vegan)
    • Yes, I can use gel-caps or vegan caps
  7. How do I store my placenta after birth until you pick it up?
    • Once you’ve had your baby and placenta, please keep the placenta cool in an air tight container. Place the placenta in a couple layers of large ziploc bags, then put in a cooler with ice or a freezer pack. Ice cream pails will also work with ice, please just be sure to put the placenta in layers ziplocs and keep cool. If you are birthing at home, just the layered ziplocs and storage in the fridge will work.
  8. Wait, you do pick up, right?
    • Definitely! Let me know when you go in to labour and then again when you are ready to have the placenta picked up. Pick up in Calgary is included in the cost of encapsulation. If you are outside of the city limits, there is surcharge.
  9. When can I expect to receive my placenta back in pill form?
    • Once I start the process, I will have your pills ready in 24 hours.

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